Air Cushions for Heavy duty recovery in Lumberton

When an 18-wheeler, RV, or bus suffers a major accident and ends up overturned on the highway or off-road in a ditch, normal towing techniques do not apply. The cargo may be too fragile and the vehicle too heavy to merely hook it up and pull it out. In these types of instances, Heavy duty recovery in Lumberton will become necessary.

The most common form of heavy duty recovery is performed by using air cushions. These are not run of the mill air cushions as they need to be safe enough to not damage the vehicle but powerful enough to be able to lift an entire bus or semi-truck by themselves. The process is done by gently inserting the air cushions below the load that is intended on being lifted. The initial lift will use smaller cushions so that larger cushions may be inserted deeper under the load.

Care should be taken to ensure that the cushions are as evenly spaced as possible. This takes extra stress of the lifting of the load and aids in not having to unload the vehicle of its contents. Many times in accidents that require air cushion recovery, it is simply impractical or even impossible to unload the contents. This is especially true if the load consists of liquids, hazardous waste, or explosive material.

It is never advised to work under a vehicle while it is either being lifted or in the process of being prepped for lifting. Special poles are utilized to slide the cushions under the vehicle to avoid any risk of injury or death.

Once the overturned vehicle is back into prime position, recovery straps are placed around it so that the vehicle may be uprighted safely. The straps will need to be placed in a similarly spaced fashion as the cushions to avoid tearing or damaging the vehicle in any way. While Heavy duty recovery in Lumberton is a precise process, hiring the right company to do it will ease any headaches and ensure that the vehicle is back up and running as quickly as possible.

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