Items In An Emergency Kit May Aid A Driver While Waiting For An Auto Unlock In Lumberton

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Towing and Recovery

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Preparing an emergency kit before driving to a new location may reduce the chances of becoming lost or stranded. The following tips will assist with keeping a driver safe while they are away from home and may ease their mind during each road trip that is taken.

Contact Numbers, Highlighted Map And List Of Landmarks

Phone numbers for towing services can come in handy if an individual drives into a ditch or if they accidentally lose their keys or lock them inside of their vehicle. A tow truck driver will come to a driver’s aid and recover a vehicle or use a tool that is designed for an Auto unlock in Lumberton. A map that is highlighted will help a driver pinpoint the safest route to a specific destination. Creating a list of landmarks that are located in a particular town will help a driver determine if they are headed in the correct direction.

Non-Perishable Food Items, Beverages, And Clothing

If a vehicle runs out of gas or breaks down alongside a road, non-perishable food items and a supply of beverages will help someone remain comfortable while they are waiting for assistance. A change of clothing or blankets may be desired if inclement weather is encountered while traveling. After each road trip, restocking items that were used during an excursion will ensure that there are plenty of supplies on hand for a future outing.

First Aid Kit And Flares

If a driver encounters hazardous road conditions and is involved in an accident, first aid supplies can be administered until someone is able to be treated by a medical professional. Bandages, gauze, scissors, ice packs, and aspirin, are some items that should be included inside of a kit. If a driver has allergies or is required to take medication, detailed information about their needs can be written on a piece of paper so that a medical provider will be able to handle an individual’s needs if an injury is severe. Flares can be set up around a vehicle if a driver is not severely injured and would like to prevent other drivers from accidentally hitting a vehicle that needs to be towed.