Using A Towing Service in El Paso TX If A Vehicle Gets Stuck In Mud

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Towing and Recovery

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If someone is driving down back roads and finds they get themselves stuck in a muddy area, they will want to take the appropriate steps in getting themselves out of this predicament. It can be difficult to dislodge a vehicle’s tires from mud without knowledge of how to do so. Here are some ways a person can get their vehicle out of a muddy situation.

First, the driver can look in their vehicle for anything they can stick underneath the tires to gain traction. This can be pieces of cardboard, newspaper, plastic shopping bags, or even the floor mats. Placing them in front of the tires may give the vehicle enough surface to rotate the tires, so it drives through the mud.

The person can try to rock the vehicle back and forth to gain enough speed to push through the mud. This is done by putting the vehicle into drive while leaning forward, so their weight helps push the vehicle forward. They can then switch to reverse while leaning back in their chair to push the weight back to the trunk. Alternating between drive and reverse while shifting the weight of the body may help the person get out of the mud.
The stuck person can call on someone to come to their aid. If a friend tries to pull the vehicle out of the mud using a chain, there is always a risk of damage to either one of the vehicles. Because of this, it is a better choice to call a towing service in El Paso TX to do the task. They would have the appropriate equipment needed to get the vehicle out of the mud slick with ease. There is also the insurance in knowing the towing service would be better in not damaging the vehicle in the process.

If someone finds they are not able to get their vehicle out of the mud on their own, a call to a towing service would be needed. A tow vehicle would be dispatched right away and the stuck vehicle would be dislodged so the driver can get back on the road.