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by | Jun 9, 2016 | Moving

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Whether for reasons of a lack of space or the transition of moving, people have utilized storage units for multiple reasons and functions. Its been reported that some very bizarre items have been confiscated in storage facilities throughout the world. The imagination alone cannot fathom the reports retrieved both through the media and from the reports conveyed first-hand by individuals. It is both intriguing and noteworthy to delve into those findings. Before making a bid on a storage unit like on the television show, Storage Wars from those who forfeited their belongings due to payment delinquencies, it is recommended to proceed with caution.

Storage finds of the morbid kind tip the scales on the intriguing side, but they are a bit unnerving for the meek. One such find was a human leg located in the confines of a meat smoker in 2007. When the unit was auctioned off, the new owner got a lot more than he bargained for. Another interesting find was a countdown clock and rocket ship from NASA, artifacts previously owned by Burt Reynolds, who defaulted on his storage unit in 1999, and a live burglar who got locked into a unit while on the scene of robbing the place. Check out House Movers in Wichita KS to begin the task of staging your next move and for finding available storage unit space. Get a Move On and click here for the details of all the services provided to get you started.

From body parts to memorabilia and artifacts to worthless junk that no one wants, storage units can bring out the best or sometimes the worst in people. Check out House Movers Wichita KS when you begin the arduous task of literally moving forward in your life in the Kansas area. Qualified movers can assure that any “legwork” required for your upcoming move is safe and seamless. As bizarre as the findings have been in storage facilities throughout the world, everyone can rest assured that the assistance of qualified movers can help alleviate the hassle of one of the top stressful life experiences. Before making a bid on that mystery storage unit with an unidentifiable stench, take heed. It might be a good idea to contact the local coroner before staking the claim of the day. Visit the website for more information.