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5 Ways to Save on Your Moving Costs

Moving costs can mean a hefty chunk of change. If you’re going to relocate, here are a few ways you can save on some of your expenses.

Be picky with your mover

You are going to entrust your belongings to a team of strangers. You’re going to want to make sure you’re hiring the right crew for moving and storage in West Hills CA. If you don’t, that’s going to cost you much, much more. If you hire the wrong movers, you could end up with your belongings damaged or stolen.

Stay on track

The longer the move drags out, the more money you need to shell out, the U.S. News says. That’s why you’ll want to prevent delays. Stay on track of your timeline. That way, when D-Day comes, you’ll be ready.

Ask about the quote

Don’t assume that all the services you need will be covered by the quote. Some of your requests may actually incur you extra charges. It pays to know in advance about the services that the quote actually covers. That way, you can either make changes to your budget or you can think about ways to cut down on those expenses when you hire a firm for moving and storage in West Hills CA.

Time it right

Consider moving during the off-season. That’s going to help you score a lower rate from the moving firm. Give some serious consideration to hiring movers during the downtimes, which are usually during fall, winter or early spring.

Pick weekday dates

Moving during the weekend also means higher costs. You may want to pick a weekday date instead. That way, you can count on getting lower rates. The discount may not seem like a lot, but adding it on top of all the other cost-saving measures can help end up with considerable cost savings.

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