Keeping Pests Out Of Storage in Manhattan

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Moving Services

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When belongings need to be kept in a storage unit, there are several steps that can be taken to help keep pests from gaining entry. A pest invasion in a storage facility can be detrimental to people’s belongings. Here are some ways pests can be kept on the outside of storage in Manhattan.

When packaging belongings to place in storage, it is a good idea to use new boxes rather than reused ones. Insect larvae or eggs could be present in boxes that may have been sitting around for a while. Check over each item before placing it in a storage box. Never transfer a box from home to storage without checking the contents beforehand. A mouse or insect could be harbored inside with the belongings, leading to the chance of an infestation in the storage unit as a result.

Check the exterior walls of the storage unit for any areas rodents or insects can crawl through. If there are cracks or holes present, it is best to rent a completely different unit or have the manager make some repairs. The door should also be checked. If there is a gap along the bottom of the door, the gasket may need replacing. Check this by having someone stand in the unit to observe while someone else pours water along the ground by the exterior of the door. If the water seeps in, pest problems, in addition to moisture problems, can be present.

Never store edible items in a storage unit. Rodents and insects will do their best to gain entry if food is smelled. As soon as a pest control problem appears to be present, alert the manager so other units can be checked. Someone else may have an infestation in a unit that needs to be dealt with accordingly.

When more information is needed regarding how to keep pests out of Storage in Manhattan, a call to a reputable storage facility can be made. Someone would be available to offer additional tips and an appointment can be made to look at units for rent if desired. If the unit seems satisfactory, a rental agreement can be signed.