Exploring Options for a Residential and Office Moving Company in South Shore, MA

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Moving Services

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Moving from one location to another can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. Whether moving across town or across country, supplies have to be purchased, items have to carefully wrapped and packed, and heavy furniture has to be moved. A residential and office moving company in South Shore MA can help with packing supplies, packing services, and affordable moving professionals. A walk through is completed at the original site to ensure nothing is left behind.

Coordinating the move itself can be a huge hassle, if there is a time lapse between when the old location has to be vacated and when the new one can be occupied. Many companies can provide packing and moving services. There are many storage companies that can rent a unit for items during a transition period. The expenses add up quickly when people have to pay for movers to get things to storage, pay for the storage unit, and pay for movers a second time to move items to the final location.

There are a few experienced companies that have developed ways of dealing with that particular issue, which happens more often than people realize. Some have storage facilities that will rent space for a few days, a week or two, or several months. That flexibility suits a variety of needs and helps keep overall costs down. Using one company for both services is more cost-effective. Companies with extensive experienced, such as Burkhardt Brothers Moving & Storage, for example, have gotten even more efficient. People can have their items held in the moving truck for up to a week during a short transition period. The truck is secured and parked in their locked lot until people can get in the new home or office.

That eliminates extra moving costs because items are not unloaded into a storage unit, and then reloaded onto another truck. It also prevents the possibility of furniture and equipment getting damaged with all that extra handling. If storage is needed, regular and climate controlled units are available. Compare services and pricing when selecting an Office Moving Company in South Shore MA to make sure the move goes smoothly. Some provide innovative solutions to common moving issues, which will alleviate stress when moving.