Rigging in Austin Consists of Chains, Ropes, Wires and Cables to Hold Equipment Securely

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Moving Services

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It takes a lot of manpower to get large machines on to trucks that are seen moving slowly down the highway. Usually, there is a pickup truck in back with a “heavy load” sign on it. Getting the machine packed up and ready required more than one person. Technicians with immense knowledge know how to get that machine chained down so that it will not move when the semi it’s packaged on starts on its journey. Some machines are so large that they have to be taken apart and the parts moved separately.

Even if it’s not a huge machine, companies spend lots of time getting it carefully crated. Machines that must be taken apart, then have to put together by those who will be able to start it right up after its long trip. The first step in its long trip is that it was sold to a company needing that type of machine. Next, everyone from riggers and millwrights, to laser technicians and craters may have to get involved. Very often, if a company is moving out of state, an entire plant consisting of many machines will have to be moved by professionals.

Once the equipment has gotten to its new home, it has to be put back together again. Millwrights, laser technicians and craters are needed to take the machinery out of crates, move it off the semi and onto the floor of its new residence. Companies that specialize in Rigging in Austin are called by manufacturers from all over the nation. They want a job done right and know which companies offer the highest quality workers, including machinists, technicians and other professionals. Commitment to safety of workers is a number one concern when dealing with moving the heaviest equipment on and off the trucks.

Any piece of machinery, whether large or small can be deadly to one of the workers if it should fall on them. They are fully trained in safety common sense regarding their job. They are trained to do it safely, while maintaining a safe proximity to these huge Goliaths. The Rigging in Austin consists of cables, wires, ropes and chains to hold each piece of equipment safely on the truck. Once secured properly by a professional rigger, the company is assured this expensive shipment can go safely on its way.