Preparing For Moving Services in Fort Myers FL

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Moving Services

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Moving to a new home is an exciting yet chaotic time. Reducing the stress of moving day is an important task that will help to keep people in good spirits. Preparations for the arrival of one of the moving services in Fort Myers FL will also reduce the amount of time needed to get items out of a home and into a moving truck or van. Here are some tasks to consider so moving day is enjoyable for all involved.

Prepare An Area For Pets And Children

To keep youngsters and pets safe during a move, it is best to have a room available for them to stay inside when a moving company arrives. This will keep them out of the way and will help to keep them from getting injured. Designate one person to stay with children or pets and place a sign upon the door of the room being used for their containment so moving service workers know not to open it without knocking first.

Use Door Stops To Make Moving Easier

A door stop at each doorway will help with the moving process and keep people from becoming injured. Place a doorstop conveniently at each entryway so workers can use it when needed. This will allow for larger items to be brought to a moving vehicle without the need to readjust weight or struggle to open doors.

Place Items Around The Edges Of Rooms

Instead of placing boxes, furniture, or containers in the central portion of a room, stack them neatly along the perimeter. This allows moving service workers to grab items and quickly bring them out of the home without having to walk around other belongings to do so. The central area is then available to use for readjusting weight when carrying items if needed.

Remove Items From Halls And Walls

Items within the exit pathways of the home should be totally removed and placed in other areas of the home for moving. This gives workers ample space to get items through narrow passages without breaking belongings or becoming injured.

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