Moving Services and Storage Facilities in New Haven County

by | Sep 28, 2017 | bestmoversnpackers

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There are several self Storage Facilities in New Haven County that offer short- and long-term storage. There are also many moving companies in that area. The moving company may be willing to transport belongings to the storage facility during a local move. The storage company may have a rental truck that can be used by customers to gather belongings to be stored.

In either case, two companies are involved in the process. That means two separate contracts, two bills to pay, and the need to organize schedules around two companies. Whether people are moving or simply run out of space for their belongings, dealing with one company saves time, money, stress, and aggravation.

Go with Experience

When seeking a company for moving and Storage Facilities in New Haven County, it is wise to find an experienced company. Customer services will be extensive, free estimates will be provided, and customers can be assured the company knows how to safely move and store belongings. There is one company in the area with over one-hundred years of experience in residential, commercial, and theatrical moving and storage.

Theatrical Experience

The Shubert Theater is located in New Haven and was opened in 1914. Broadway shows, concerts, and special events are still performed there. Moving and storing back drops, props, costumes, and equipment takes precision, care and attention to detail, and specialized storing conditions. A company trusted with the transfer and storage of such items can certainly ensure the security of residential and commercial belongings.


Temporary storage is often needed by businesses for overstock of inventory, seasonal merchandise and displays, or archives. Inventory may require special storage conditions such as climate-controlled units or racks or pallets to keep items off the floor. Discuss any needs with professionals to make sure they have the capacity before selecting a moving and storage company.

Long-Term Residential Storage

Accumulating belongings happens fast. Many people find themselves with too many items for the size of the house or apartment. Storing the belongings that still have value can eliminate clutter and protect items from moisture and damage. All customers can also visit the website for detailed information, to request a quote, or to arrange for services. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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