Moving in Bad Weather Doesn’t Have to be Difficult or Stressful

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Moving Services

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Moving during sunny days or clear sky nights with professional movers in Chicago is the ideal time to move. Sadly, the weather does not cooperate with our moving plans all the time. The only availability on the company’s schedule falls on a rainy or snowy day. Rescheduling until a sunny day appears may be impossible depending on upcoming plans. Don’t stress.

Secure Belongings Tightly

The main purpose of cardboard boxes during rain is keeping belongings dry. To keep it dry, secure cardboard boxes along the opening, the edges, the corners, and discovered holes with tape. Leave nothing out in the elements.

Use mattress moving covers to wrap mattresses and secure tightly with tape so water doesn’t dampen it. Wrap artwork, books, and furniture in plastic wrap and secure tightly with tape. Cover clothing with garment bags, garment boxes, or trash bags.

Protect Flooring

New and former homes and apartments need their flooring protected from water damage, so place towels or rugs around the front door. Cover flooring in every room with wall-to-wall towels, tarps, and rugs. Cover the porch area with towels, rugs, or tarps. When using tarps, tape it down so it’s doesn’t move around. Additionally, make sure rugs have grip. Covering floors also prevents slips and falls.

Make a Pathway

Rain and snow require an easier pathway to enter and exit the home with minimal damage. Inform professional movers in Chicago to drive the truck as close to the home as possible. During snow days, clean the driveway and pathways at the former home and at the new home. For an easier pathway, bring boxes to the closest room where the route to the truck is shorter. Examples include living rooms, garages, and kitchen.

Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. understands that moving doesn’t stop because of rain or snow, so we make accommodations. The tools we have for rainy or snowy weather compared to DIY moving are exceptional. Visit us online for more information.