The Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage in Southington, CT

by | May 2, 2017 | Moving & Storage

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If you are storing items of value, or belongings that are environmentally sensitive, you need to make sure that the unit you select is climate-controlled. A climate controlled storage unit is designed to keep stored items in a constant and sustained environment.

The Temperature Range for Climate Controlled Units

Temperatures are set between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit in such units. In addition, the storage units are enclosed to resist pests, dust, and humidity – all of which pose a serious threat to such valuables as artwork.

So, when you are seeking climate controlled storage in Southington, CT, you may want to store items that are worth a great deal monetarily. These possessions might include family heirlooms or other items that represent a strong sentimental value to you.

Do You Want a Certain Level of Comfort Yourself?

Some people choose Southington climate controlled storage if they want to work or organize their things in comfort. After all, it can be quite disquieting to visit a storage unit on a warm summer’s day – a day when the temperature outside is hovering around 90 degrees.

Indeed, climate controlled storage is well worth the investment as it also saves and preserves valuable items, whether they are sentimental in nature or feature a large price tag. Some of the items that you can store in a climate controlled unit include electronics or computers, paintings, photos, books, heirlooms, wine, and antiques.

In order to determine if you need climate controlled storage, think about the humidity of the area in which you live and the ambient temperature ranges in the cold and hot months of the year. Also, consider the length of time you plan to store the items. Will you be making frequent visits to the unit and, if so, do you need the space to be interiorly comfortable? Like most people, you will probably opt for a unit that is climate-controlled.